Plot :
            The house of the Dead 2 follows two AMS providers known as Wayne and Grettle. These providers have obtained a contact from G and choose to fulfill him within the town. Upon their appearance, they experience the Level 1 manager who taunts them by revealing that G was only the starting. The providers progress and run into G who has been defeated up poorly but is still in existence. G arms the providers the notices he took on the weakpoints of the mission's managers. He then informs them to rush and discover Amy and John. Amy and John are other AMS providers that have come to returning them up. Journeying through the town the providers come across many citizens who are in risk. These citizens act as the mission's hostage program. The primary objective is to discover Goldman who has taken Curien's analysis and used it to further enhance the distribute of the living dead apocalypse.

Reception :
                         At plenty of duration of launch in Video arcade and on the Dreamcast, The Home of the Deceased 2 was approved by most experts. Many recognized the design, which were awesome at launch, but belittled (or recognized sarcastically) the bad speech performing in activity, as well the the brief duration the experience provided. Initially launched on the Dreamcast and in arcades, it was later ported to the PC and Console, as well as on the Wii along with house of the Dead III.

System Requirements :
Microsoft windows 95/98/Me
Pentium II 233MHz or higher
32MB RAM or higher
600MB hard drive space
DirectX 8 or higher
Compatible Immediate 3D movie RAM 8MB movie card
Direct Audio suitable sound card

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